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What is broadband limits

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Your data limit can impact how much your broadband costs and what you can do online. Here is how to pick the data limit you need and get the. A broadband cap is an Internet data transmission cap imposed by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) over a specified period of time - usually a month. A data cap, often erroneously referred to as a bandwidth cap, is an artificial restriction imposed As of October , there were 58 wired broadband providers in the US that used data caps, among them major wireless cell phone providers.

Your internet service provider (ISP) will set a download limit for the package Check out unlimited broadband packages now if you want to avoid data overages. I remember having this discussion with David Huber (founder of Ciena) in about or so, about the theoretical limits of data transmission- in.

Yet BT and Sky both offer capped data packages, and one of the most highly regarded smaller ISPs also sells broadband with a data limit. Recent reports about wildly inaccurate usage meter readings bolster the case against cap overage fees. Signed up for an unlimited broadband package? Worried that there's a 'fair usage ' cap hidden away somewhere in the small print?

Worry not. Find out how much broadband you can use and how to manage it. BT's lowest priced fibre deal also comes with a 25GB limit, and their cheapest standard broadband just 12GB. Many other providers also.